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Chakra Roots



Handcrafted Creations 

About Cam

The Roots

It all begun with a wave of curiosity. A spark of inspiration igniting the flames of endless creation. Supported by the gracious love and support of friends, family and strangers my artwork has been allowed to flourish! My intention is to channel all of my energy into crafting one-of-a-kind premium artwork to share with the world. 

-Cameron Palatine 

- Utilizing magnificent natural gemstones, each pendant is a display and embodiment of Mother Nature's incredible beauty and power -

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Hey there! I graduated from Eckerd college in St. Petersburg Florida in 2018 with focuses in environmental studies and sustainability. I have been creating wearable art since 2015 and sustain myself entirely from my artwork. I am currently traveling America in my truck camper with my pup Ryder. I aim to never stop learning and to inspire as much as I have been inspired. I believe in the power of love and the ability to fully manifest any dream we work hard enough for. Thank you for being you!! All of your love and appreciation allows this dream to thrive! 

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