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Chakra Roots Jewelry



Premium Wearable Art
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About Cam

The Roots

"It all begun with a wave of curiosity. A spark of inspiration igniting the flames of endless creation. Supported by the gracious love and support of friends, family and strangers my artwork has been allowed to flourish! My intention is to channel all of my energy into crafting one-of-a-kind premium artwork to share with the world."

-Cameron Palatine 

- Utilizing magnificent natural gemstones, each pendant is a display and embodiment of Mother Nature's incredible beauty and power -

Custom Orders

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In 2015 I was introduced to the world of wire wrapping. I was enthralled with the possibilities of accenting earth's perfect gemstones with precious metals. Creating wearable art really exemplified the beauty of creation and the necessity it serves in all of our lives. After graduating college I created jewelry out of a truck camper traveling the country for four years! I now focus entirely on fabricated and 3D designed jewelry, specifically Last year I co-opened Catalyst Crystals and Jewelry in Denver Colorado. Feel free to message me directly for questions, inquiries and custom orders. 

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